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TK Consulting Engineers is a multi-service Structural Engineering consultant. Our services range from the structural design of new commercial buildings, walls and bridges to the design of renovations and structural repairs of existing structures.

The projects for which TK Consulting Engineers has served as structural designer, inspector or forensic investigator involve a variety of structural systems, including:

1] Plant and site cast precast concrete reinforced with mild steel, prestressed steel, and post-tensioning [walls, beams, columns, slabs and double tees].

2] Cast in place concrete reinforced with mild steel and post tensioning [slabs, beams, columns, walls, standard and wide pan and joist floor systems].

3] Structural Steel frames with composite steel floors, bar joist floors, and roofs.

4] Structural Steel trusses, wind frames and earthquake frames.

5] Load bearing masonry walls [CMU block, tile and clay units].

6] Glue laminated beams, arches and trusses.

7] Conventional and heavy timber wood framing.

The firm’s experience and familiarity with all the available structural systems will insure that the “optimum/natural” system is selected for new projects and that the most effective solution is created for repairs on existing buildings.